Amendments to The Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) Company Manual

The Toronto Stock Exchange has published proposed changes to Parts I, IV and VI of the TSX Company Manual (the “Manual”), and in Appendix H of the Manual (the “Amendments”). The Amendments are being published for a 30-day comment period. Comments should be in writing and delivered by January 23, 2012 to the TSX. The Amendments are to primarily put a Due Bill Tracking System into practice for TSX listed companies.

A Due Bill process is being introduced in Canada to help improve the オンライン カジノ accuracy and timeliness of the valuation reporting of clients” holdings when securities undergo certain material corporate events. Due Bills are entitlements which attach to listed securities undergoing certain material corporate events. Due Bills attach to such securities between the second trading day prior to the record date and payment date, for trading purposes, to allow listed securities to carry their appropriate value until the entitlement has been paid. Further details are available at the TSX website.

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