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Proposal to Make QPs Submit to Jurisdiction

The Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”) published, on July 15, 2011, proposed amendments to NI 41 101, General Prospectus Requirements and Companion Policy 41 101CP to NI 41 101 together with other miscellaneous amendments to related instruments. The 90 day comment period expires October 15, 2011.

One of the proposals is to further extend the requirement to file a non issuer “submission to the jurisdiction, and appointment of an agent for service” form to all foreign experts including qualified persons. It should be noted that these persons are already liable under the CSA statutory liability regime for misrepresentations in the prospectus that are derived from the report, opinion or statement.

The proposed amendments to submit to the jurisdiction would also apply to all foreign directors of an issuer.

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Proposal to Make QPs Submit to Jurisdiction