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New process to submit Notice of Work filings in British Columbia’s mining sector

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On December 18, 2018, notice of work applications for placer mines, aggregates and mineral explorations can now be submitted by filing on the Natural Resource Online Services website.  A British Columbia electronic identification number is required for either a business or individuals and this can be obtained by setting up an account with Natural Resource Online Services.

As part of the notice of work, it can be bundled with the explosive magazine storage and use permit, occupant licence to cut and section 10 of the Water Sustainability Act.

Standalone obligations for notice of work activities can also be submitted and these include:

  • change of mine manager
  • notification of deemed authorization
  • start‑stop work

Note that if a water permit is related to a stream under section 11 of the Water Sustainability Act, a separate application is required.

Additional information can be obtained here.

For assistance please email NRPP@gov.bc.ca