OSC Considers Changes to Related Party Transaction Rules

The Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) is currently considering two significant policy initiatives affecting mergers & acquisition transactions in Canada. As discussed in a previous post, the first initiative relates to a possible standalone rule in respect of poison pills. The second policy initiative discussed in the recent OSC panel discussion held at the Toronto Board of Trade would amend the existing rules governing related party transactions in order to address current “process defects” in conflict management and to provide additional protections for minority shareholders.

Under the draft proposal, an issuer contemplating a related party transaction would be required to establish a special committee of independent directors, which committee would be required to negotiate or supervise the negotiation of the transaction terms and evaluate the fairness of the transaction. The special committee would be required to either (i) recommend that the board support and that shareholders vote in favour of the transaction, or (ii) deem the transaction to be fair to shareholders notwithstanding that the special committee does not make a recommendation in favour of the transaction. The determination by the special committee would be supported by full disclosure regarding the committee’s procedure and reasoning. The new regime would also lower the transaction value triggering a shareholder vote from the current threshold of 25% of market capitalization of the issuer to 10% of market capitalization of the issuer.

According to Mr. Naizam Kanji, Deputy Director of Corporate Finance at the OSC, the proposal could also include a clarification and broadening of the scope of the definition of related party transactions.

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