OSC Publishes Information On Monetary Sanctions

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today published information regarding the OSC’s authority to impose monetary sanctions and an update on how the collection of those sanctions has proceeded.

The OSC has the authority to impose a range of sanctions on individuals and companies for violations of securities law or conduct that is contrary to the public interest in Ontario. Sanctions are imposed either at the conclusion of a contested proceeding or as part of a settlement reached between the respondent and OSC staff and approved by the OSC.

The purpose of the Commission’s sanction powers is to deter future wrongdoing in the capital markets. One of the OSC’s powers is to impose monetary sanctions for breaches of Ontario securities law and the OSC has exercised this authority since 2005. Monetary sanctions include administrative penalties and disgorgement orders. In imposing administrative penalties, the OSC may order a person or company found to have breached securities law to pay up to $1 million for each failure to comply.

Further details may be found here.

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