TSX Provides Guidance to Issuers regarding News Release Obligations

In its November 2011 Issuer Update Newsletter (the “Newsletter”), the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”) provides guidance to issuers regarding the news release process and approvals for material and non-material news releases, as outlined in the timely disclosure policy found in sections 406 to 423.4 of the TSX Company Manual.

Specifically, the Exchange clarifies that issuers must send a copy of all news releases to the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada – Market Surveillance (“IIROC”) via SecureFile or by fax, regardless of whether the news release contains material information or non-material information. However, the need to obtain pre-approval of the issuer’s news release from IIROC depends on both whether the news release contains material information and on the intended time of dissemination of the news release. The following chart, reproduced from the Newsletter, sets out the various disclosure requirements:

The Exchange will provide guidance regarding the slightly different disclosure requirements applicable to TSX Venture Exchange issuers in its next Issuer Update.

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