TSX Requests Comments on Majority Voting Policy – Proposed Amendments to Part IV of the Company Manual

On October 4, 2012, the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) released a request for comments on proposed amendments to Part IV of the TSX Company Manual (the “Proposed Amendments”). The Proposed Amendments would require issuers listed on the TSX to have majority voting when electing directors at uncontested security holder meetings. As currently proposed, issuers may adopt a majority voting policy to comply with the requirement.

Under mandatory majority voting, security holders vote “for” or “against” each individual board nominee and only those directors who receive a majority of votes in their favour remain on the board. Typically, a majority voting policy provides that a director who receives a majority of “against” votes must immediately tender his/her resignation to the board of directors. The Proposed Amendments would require the board of directors to issue a news release disclosing: (i) the detailed results of the votes received for the election of each director; and, where applicable, (ii) whether a resignation was accepted and the board’s reasons for the decision.

As indicated by the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, 39% of the listed issuers in the S&P/TSX Composite Index do not have majority voting. The TSX asserts that the Proposed Amendments will improve corporate governance standards, strengthening Canada’s international reputation.

Comments on the Proposed Amendments are being accepted until November 5, 2012. The TSX anticipates that the Proposed Amendments could become effective as of December 31, 2013.

Lisa Telebar

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